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Megan W. Stromberg


Megan Stromberg has over a decade of experience in ecological landscape design and grant writing. She received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she also completed her BS in Wildlands Studies in the Department of Forest Resources. 

Specializing in stormwater management and sustainable building technologies, Ms. Stromberg is a Landscape Architect with extensive experience designing green roofs, bio-filtration rain gardens, wetlands and habitat restoration projects. Ms. Stromberg prepares conceptual, layout, planting and irrigation plans, and construction documents for residential and green building design projects, as well as habitat restoration and mitigation designs. She is adept at feasibility assessments to define potential for restoration or mitigation at sites throughout California. She has developed site design and construction methods that maximize biological diversity and provide habitat for sensitive species, as well as led and coordinated the implementation phase of restoration projects and monitored construction activities at project sites. As a landscape designer, Ms. Stromberg is passionate about her vocation and is committed to providing design solutions that are beneficial to people and to the environment.


In addition to pursuing landscape architecture, Megan partners with Capital A Consulting to prepare grants for the San Francisco Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program.  With her partner, Alison Paige, she has won her clients over $20M in grant funds for more than fifty projects.  Megan also works on the Bank Enterprise Award and other grants.
Specialties: native gardens, water conservation, stormwater management plans, green infrastructure, habitat restoration, watershed management plans, SWPPPs, landscape design, Affordable Housing Program Grants, Bank Enterprise

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